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We're seeking driven individuals who are willing to jump right into substantial tasks! During your internship, you will be matched with a manager who will assist you. If you have a driven passion for cosmetics and cosmeceuticals you're are one we are looking for. 

Our internship programmes give you a customised orientation based on the length of your placement, allowing you to get valuable insight into the operations of a global industry leader.

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The Teejay Studios focuses on the R&D  of Cosmetic and Cosmeceutical products. We are operating on the basis of creating innovative cosmetic and cosmeceutical products. Also helping for local farmers and women based startups. 

At The Teejay Studios Internship 

You'll be able to question how, where, why not, why, and express your brave new ideas at any point in your career. Your coworkers/managers will be there to encourage you, help you improve, and teach you things you never thought you'd learn!

You can count on making memories and a best learning research experience with us that will last a lifetime.

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We're launching a new programme called e-Internships, which is meant to help you grow, learn, and achieve results in a  virtual context while maintaining complete control over your working methods. They're fascinating, stimulating, and, most importantly, they're a great way to start creating professional contacts and networks with tomorrow's leaders.


E-Internships are also impacted internships. All e-interns will have the opportunity to work on an impact project, where they will be in charge of generating new solutions that are directly related to business concerns.

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Documents to Have Before Applying for Your Internship

1. Permission Letter from HOD

Generally, you'll need permission from your college to remain away from campus for the duration of your internship. As a result, a letter of authorization(NOC) from the college authority for an internship is a must-have document to ensure that you can intern with the company without missing classes.

If you've been chosen for an internship, submit the sample permission letter and have it signed by your Head Of Department (HOD), Training & Placement Officer (TPO), or Principal. The letter serves

as a paper record of the internship for the college in addition to obtaining approval from the college.

2. Letter of Recommendation (LOR) For Internship

It helps your internship application if your Head of Department or College Principle signs and stamps a recommendation letter. This gives your resume more weight and gives you an advantage over your competitors.

3. Statement of Purpose (SOP) for an Internship

We need you to submit an essay about why you want to intern with us or for the position you're applying for. It's usually a good idea to present a statement of your mission. It's the only document in which you have complete freedom to write whatever you want and persuade to accept you.

Along with your Current Updated Resume. 

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