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New vehicles. Mode of Application Product category and delivery systems combined with established ingredients will be altered for percutaneous absorption, requiring reevaluation of substances with an assumed good safety profile.

The future promises are highly sophisticated formulations in the treatment and care of ACNE. The trend toward therapeutic cosmetics in acne care is sure to result in the need for the consumer to obtain a better understanding of modern ingredients and assessment techniques. Our products presently on the market representing new technology or formulation advances in acne care.

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This new research with cosmeceutical professionals dermatologist and cosmetic industry experts will result in cosmetics and skincare products of superior quality and efficacy to offer the Consumers.

New challenges will also be presented to government regulatory agencies as more chemicals with true biological activity are invented and tested.

Claim substantiation and pre-marketing testing will be accurately assessed for efficacy and safety issues with important implications for total body health.

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