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Do I own the formula? If not, how can I own my own formula?

We offer free product licensing to our clients for custom formulas only. Under our confidentiality and non-compete clauses, we will not re-create or sell a client’s custom formula to another client during the duration of the contractual agreement between the client and our Formulations Product Development Group. If you still wish to fully own your formula, an Ownership Agreement is available and account representatives should be notified before the R&D Product Development process begins. Please note that this only applies to custom formulas, not our in-house private label formulas.

Click the below link to find out more about private label and custom development.

What are your MOQ’s?

Orders can be as small as a gallon and we are able to fill a minimum of 300 pieces. Price points are reflective of quantity ordered, meaning the more pieces you order there is a price break in savings

How long does it take to have a finished custom product? What are your lead times?

R&D lead times for client custom samples is two weeks depending on the project and the complexity of the formula. Once the custom product is approved by the client, the custom product must undergo testing through an outside, 3rd party testing facility. This process could take an additional four to twelve weeks. Once this testing is complete, our selected manufacturing team can begin producing and filling your custom product. Private label products do not take as long because they are pre-made, have completed testing and the client purchases private label products as is. 

Can I use The Teejay Studios Formulation Group’s marketing information and white papers to help sell products? 

Marketing materials are copyrighted by ushowever clients may use our Private Label White Papers as a resource for helping the client understand their product and use as marketing points for the sale of the product. Please note that other clients may be using the same information for their marketing purposes. All images for marketing purposes are subject to copyright by owners and may not be used without permission. 

What are White Papers?

White Papers are persuasive, in-depth reports on your product. For marketing purposes, white papers help to educate your audience/consumer base by explaining and promoting your product.

Do you have packaging components available?

Yes. We source packaging components from various suppliers and vendors. our packaging components consist of tubes, bottles, jars, airless containers, compacts, lipstick and lipgloss containers and standard nail polish bottles. If we do not have the containers you are looking for, one of our account representatives will help source the right container to fit your brand.

I’m interested in having my product filled in foil pack samples. Do you offer this option?

We can assist you in having your product filled into foil packs samples. If you need foil packs made, please let our account representatives know and they will provide you with guidelines and additional costs from our selected private label manufacturer. 

Do you only formulate with natural/organic ingredients?

We believe in creating sustainable formulas using natural, organic, vegan, kosher and/or synthetic ECOCERT ingredients. We do not use ingredients derived from animal, amphibian, reptilian, fish or insect sources. The ingredients used in the custom formulation development is absolutely based on the clients preference as per the regulatory body certification they require for their claims. For private labels we will provide the ingredients and its sources list. 

Why did my ingredient list change?

Ingredient names have and will change periodically amongst vendors and suppliers. An ingredient name change does not mean that your formula has changed, it simply means the INCI (the scientific name) of the ingredient has changed. Your account representative will inform you of any INCI and/or ingredient changes in your formula

Distribution and Export

We can help with Domestic and Global Dossiers/Ingredient Listings as well as answer country-specific exporting and importing questions.

What documents or licenses do I need to work with The Teejay Studios Formulations?

we only sell business to business (B2B) therefore we require your tax id #/EIN, a copy of your business license and Business Liability Insurance. For medical professionals, a copy of your Professional Liability Insurance is required. Our account representatives will send you a Client Registration form which requires additional information

Would like to check a sample of your work, do you provide physical samples ? 

Yes, we do provide physical samples for the requested list of products. The physical samples are charged for the materials used as well as the making charges applies and there won't be any returns or refunds accepted. The MOQ of each sample product is 4pcs and it will be packed as per the availability of the packing materials. We don't promise any timeline on sending the physical samples, we provide them only if it's available. We don't encourage any feedback on the physical samples of work purchased and we support only if there is any further modification required for bulk manufacturing. 

What is the timeline for developing custom formulation samples?

We don't promise any fixed timeline on the development and dispatch of the custom formulation development samples, it completely depends on the Availability and soucing time of the raw materials and the lab hours required for the development of trials and prototypes. It may vary from 2 weeks to 8 weeks. 

Are you open for factory or lab visits? We would like to visit your premises before collaborating on a long-term project?

Our formulator and chemists are open to visit the other company premises and labs if requested,  but we don't encourage clients to visit our lab or factory premises before collaboration. For factory or lab visits we request to contact the CRM by mail at to schedule a visit for your ongoing projects, upon their further related questions and approval the clients can make a visit on the scheduled time, date and location. 

We strictly don't allow any random visitors, people representing any brand, and brands that are not currently working with us. The CRM has all rights to approve or reject the request of the factory visit considering the situation of the work atmosphere inside the factory and lab. 

I have a formula and I want to discuss its methodology and modification. Can you help me with this? 

Yes, we do help with your formula, please book an appointment with our formulator for discussion. 

If any questions, please contact us

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